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In Memoriam (For the Families of the Essex Lorry Tragedy)

About the Composition

In Memoriam is a composition for piano and cello that was written for the families of the 39 Vietnamese people who lost their lives in the Essex Lorry Tragedy. The music was composed by Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon and is performed by Salwan (piano) and Griff Wadkin (cello), both of whom are music graduates from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. For the performance of this piece, 39 pieces of white cloth were placed on 39 chairs to hold a space for those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Vietnamese translation:

In Memoriam là một sáng tác dành cho piano và cello được viết dành tặng cho gia đình của 39 người Việt Nam đã tử nạn trong thảm kịch ở Essex. Phần âm nhạc được sáng tác bởi Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon và được trình diễn bởi Salwan (piano) và Griff Wadkin (cello), cả hai đều là sinh viên tốt nghiệp âm nhạc từ Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Để thực hiện tác phẩm này, 39 mảnh vải trắng được đặt trên 39 chiếc ghế để tượng trưng cho những người đã tử nạn trong thảm kịch.

Speaking about the project, Salwan writes:

Writing this piece of music felt like a very small way to offer something to the victims’ families after learning about the tragedy.

I am deeply grateful to my friend Griff Wadkin for his support and encouragement throughout the project.

I would also like to offer my thanks to the very many people who helped bring this project to fruition, including my friends, teachers and family.

I would like express my gratitude for the support I received from Blue Dragon Charity, the Pacific Links Foundation and Sen Nguyen, who helped get the music to the families.

Video Production Credits: Directed by Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon, Audio Production by Alex Collett-Sinfield, Cinematography and Editing by Aaron Jepson, Camera Operators: Aaron Jepson, Brandon Wall, and Jack Smart. Recorded at the Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

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