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joan online singing course participant


"These courses provided, above all else, a warm supportive community of fellow singers. I find that the character of any group is generated first and foremost by its leadership. I credit Salwan with creating an atmosphere of trust and sincere regard for everyone. In addition, he carefully crafted a highly individual program for each participant based on their particular strengths and weaknesses."

Helen D online singing course participant

Helen D

"The courses are much more than simply developing your vocals. They provide many opportunities to perform, compose and to meet renowned artists. Salwan is fully committed to supporting each participant and helping them to develop every part of their performance."

Helen G  online singing course participant

Helen G

"It was all very inspiring and a great amalgamation of both the vocal and spiritual aspect of singing allowing much more freedom of expression."

Mariam  online singing course participant


"The courses that I have done with Salwan have been beneficial and exploratory for me. I have learnt about myself through singing and giving feedback to other participants. Salwan is a fantastic teacher and he is so practical and logical. I would definitely recommend doing the singing courses with Salwan as he will teach and guide you."

Janet  online singing course participant


 "I looked through the internet for some sort of singing group and came across this one. First night I was nervous and concerned that the other singers may be singing classical singing (while my country and western style would not be respected. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I felt welcomed and safe during the whole course."

Harry  online singing course participant


I found my 5 weeks on the For The Love of Singing course a rich time creatively. The weekly evening sessions were very special experiences, and the tasks in between lessons gave me plenty to work and reflect on. Salwan fostered a creative and supportive environment amongst the group. I particularly liked that he took part in all the exercises, reflective tasks, and performances himself; it created an atmosphere of everyone being equals.


This course was a tonic to say the least. We are all trapped in our homes with no idea when we will return to normality. That is, if we return to normality as we know it. This course was not only a supportive, fun and open environment for sharing our own creativity. It also created a sense of routine in the fog that is self isolation. One of the many highlights for me was seeing everyone perform their final pieces and see the pride everyone had in themselves and the classmates. Salwan has surpassed himself once again in his ability to foster and nurture others creativity.

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