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Living an Authentic Life

An 8-week course exploring artistic expression and personal wellness 

Course Introduction Video

Course Information

Course Details

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Dates: January 9th - February 27th '23

  • Day/Times: Mondays, 7-9 p.m. U.K time

  • Location: Online, via Zoom

  • Suggested donation to participate: £160

Course Introduction 

Authenticity is not something that we can fake or try to make happen. It is an expression of what we are that arises when we connect with the truth of our experience. When we align with our authenticity, we can feel it in our body. We no longer need to seek approval from others, nor do we believe the stories that our mind creates, because we are connected with a deeper and more truthful part of ourselves.


Artistic expression is a wonderful gift that allows us to express parts of ourselves which may be more difficult for us to express in other aspects of our lives. It also shows us that we are not in control of the process but rather a mere vessel through which the beauty of life can shine through.

About the Course

You are warmly invited to join this 8-week online course which will explore what it means to live an authentic life, with a focus on artistic expression and personal wellness.


Each week there will be a live group session on Zoom lasting 2 hours from 7-9 p.m., UK time. The first week will be an introductory week and the final week a showcase, where participants will have the opportunity to present their work to the group. These weeks will be led by Salwan. During weeks 2-7, the course will be led by a different guest teacher who will offer their unique perspective on the course topic. The guest teachers come from a variety of different musical, artistic, spiritual and wellbeing backgrounds and their unique perspectives offer exciting variety to the course. There will be opportunities for participant engagement throughout the course.


Alongside the weekly group sessions, participants are encouraged to develop a creative project which will explore their most authentic artistic expression. Participants will receive two hours of private coaching with Salwan to support their project.


The course is run in a friendly and supportive way, where nothing is compulsory and where all abilities and art forms are welcome.

Benefits of the Course

  • ​Develop your artistic practice in a sincere and meaningful way

  • Join a group of like-minded people and fellow explorers

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your ability to express what is important to you

  • Work with a diverse group of experienced and supportive teachers

  • Receive 2 hours of private coaching on your creative project 

  • Discover what authenticity means for you and how it expresses in your life and artistic practice

Click Here to Learn More About the Course Teachers

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Q: What happens if I’m unable to make one of the live group sessions?

A: All of the live group sessions are recorded and a private link will be made available to all participants the day after the live session. This will give all participants the opportunity to go over the session and for those who have missed a session the opportunity to catch-up.

Q: What is the structure of the group sessions?

A: As a general guide, the first hour of the group sessions is when guest teachers will have the opportunity to present their perspective and insights on the course topic. The second hour is when participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the guest teacher and share their insights and/or work with the group. (The first and final week will have a different format, being the introductory and showcase weeks of the course. These weeks will be led by Salwan.)


Q: What is an artistic practice?

A: Although we traditionally think of artistic practice as involving one of the main arts, such as music, drama, or art, we can more broadly define the term to include all forms of creative activity that cultivate joy in our lives. Examples of this could include walking in nature, gardening, flower arranging, or doing a yoga practice. It really can be any creative activity that brings you joy. The emphasis with the activity is more on how we can be available for the movement of life through us rather than trying to lead the way.


Register for the Course

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Donations to the course can be made by clicking the blue 'Donate' button beneath the registration form. 

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