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Learning How To Sing: An Invitation to Begin Again

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

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There is a well-known saying about our fundamental nature that goes, ‘Always Being, Always Becoming’. My sense with that phrase is that it puts into words a great paradox of our lives: for each moment we are here, present and whole (whether we are aware of it or not) and yet at the same time we are always learning and always becoming. One of the beautiful things about always becoming is that each moment is fresh and anew.

The Covid pandemic has brought significant challenge to us all, but one of the blessings that it has brought is the awareness of our ability to connect with each other instantly, through technology, wherever we might be in the world. This has enabled the Online Singing Course to come into being. Since the first course began in April, there have been 21 teaching / performance sessions over 4 different courses that have focused on different aspects of singing and life, including silence, sincerity, love and support. We’ve had the fortune of being joined by gifted musicians and teachers, and there have been many wonderful performances by participants and guest artists alike.

Despite everything that we may have learnt about ourselves, our musicianship and singing, I would like to invite you to begin again. By this I do not mean for you to deny the experiences or learning that you’ve had, or for you not to acknowledge the growth that you’ve had, but simply for that learning to now be trusted in and set aside, so that you can begin again. The benefit of restarting is that it brings us back to here, where life is actually happening now. It realigns us with that vital energy which is the source from which all our creativity comes. It takes us out of our heads and divorces us from any conclusions that our minds may have fixed upon. In essence, it brings us back to the rich reward of ourselves.

How might you now serve your singing and musical expression in the deepest and most sincere way?

How might you commit so fully to that which you love that you are simply onboard and willing to go in whatever direction life may have in store for you?

How might you recognise that there has never been anyone before, and that there will be no-one after, who has the utterly unique gift that you have and the potential to express like you do?

With love,


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